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Submitted by Beatriz “Bia” De Souza, ’24 

I get it! Applying for college can be stressful and overwhelming. When I was starting the process of applying, I was really lost. Mainly because I am from Brazil and did not know much about how going to college worked in the U.S., but also because that’s a normal part of applying to college. Now, as a senior at Cumberlands, I have learned a few things that could be helpful to anyone who is considering college. 

Do your research: I looked at many schools' websites in the application process. I read about different schools… watched YouTube videos of campuses, sports facilities, academics, and residential life… started following YouTubers who were going to college and showed what a day in their life looked like… and, of course, very important, I visited the schools’ websites! You can learn a lot of important information on websites. Oh, and you may want to check out their social media pages. You can get a better “feel” for the school this way.

Know yourself: This is probably the most important (but maybe stressful) part. Knowing yourself and what you want in life and in a college will direct you in the application process. Which majors are you interested in? Which states or cities would you like to live in? Do you want to be close or far from family? Do you prefer warm or cold weather? Would you prefer to attend a big or small college? The list can go on forever! Ask yourself those questions and ask for friends and family to help you out. Knowing the answers will help make your list of colleges you’re interested in smaller.

Schedule tours: Because I was from Brazil, I sadly did not get to tour Cumberlands before applying for it. Being an ambassador for the school now and giving tours to prospective students, I recognize the importance of it even more than before! On tours, you can ask so many questions and "feel the vibe" of the school. You can go into classrooms and dorm rooms, see how students interact, and have a better idea of whether that is a university that suits your interests or not. 

Know the standards: Each school has different admission standards and application processes. Some schools may require essays, transcripts, interviews, and test scores, while others do not require as many things. So, be prepared. Have all the documentation you need for the schools you are interested in.

I know it all seems like a lot, but if you do these things, I believe you will be one step ahead in the game! Everything will come together for you – just take one step at a time.