Written by Morgan Askey '21

Take it from a seasoned tour guide, nothing is better than going on tour with someone who has tons of questions about all things Cumberlands. Don’t know what to ask? We have you covered. Here are the top ten questions to ask your campus tour guide, inspired by current student ambassadors.

“What made you choose Cumberlands?”

As you have experienced, choosing a college can be overwhelming due to the large, varying sea of options out there. Out of all the schools, your tour guide chose Cumberlands and even likes it enough to be a representative for the University. Ask them about it! What made them come? What made them want to stay?

“Are the professors involved on campus?”

Professors are a huge part of the college experience. Ask your tour guide if there was any particular professor who made a difference in their time at the University.

“What’s the policy on alcohol/partying on campus?”

Knowing the stance of alcohol and partying on campus will help you to gauge the overall feel of campus life.

“What’s been the most challenging or rewarding part of your experience?”

What someone has been through says a lot about them – and can say a lot about the people who were around them at that time in their life. Enjoy listening to your tour guide share about a personal triumph as you simultaneously gain details about Cumberlands and its people.

“What type of events are held on campus, and are there any that you really look forward to?”

Ask anyone who goes to Cumberlands, campus is truly a close-knit community. Campus events are a hit with the student body because they provide opportunities for everyone to get together and have fun! But would you enjoy the kinds of events we usually organize? It’s worth asking.

"Did you/do you live with a roommate? If so, how was/is it?"

The idea of living with a roommate is exciting for some, intimidating for others. And it teaches good life skills, like how to share space and communicate better with others. That said, every roommate experience is different. See what advice your tour guide can offer.

"Are there any fun local places that are popular?"

Experiencing life outside of campus is an important part of the college experience. Ask around about the little gems tucked away in Williamsburg and the surrounding area, and, if you have time that day, stop by and visit while you’re in town.

"If you could describe Cumberlands with one word, what word would you choose and why?"

This is such a good one! Get insight into the true Cumberlands experience by listening to your tour guide describe what has stood out most to them.

"What are the freshman dorms like?"

Not all dorms are created equal (though I personally think all the dorms at Cumberlands are still great!). Your tour guide will be happy to provide an honest opinion and be a sounding board for ideas so you can show up on move-in day prepared.

"What do I actually need to bring, and what should I leave at home?"

Space can be pretty limited in any college living area. (Pro tip: Use up vertical space. Shelves save lives, everyone.) This question is particularly important if home is far enough away that you can’t just drive back and get something if you wanted to. Ask your guide what they would recommend bringing (and not bringing) so you don’t find yourself either drowning in your own stuff or asking your mom to mail you items from home. Your tour guide is a dorm-life pro. Let them help you!