Dianna Schutte's interests include drag racing, gardening, reading, and spending time with family and friends.  In addition, she enjoys tutoring and mentoring students in high school.  Currently, she is working on a project about creating classroom management resources.  

Also, Dianna is very passionate about teaching math.  She helps teachers differentiate lessons to accommodate all learning styles.  She will always remember that special feeling when she sees student's faces light up because they understand the content.  While teaching 5th grade, Ms. Schutte was surprised and very honored to receive the Rosanne Ginney, "Teacher of the Year" Award.  It was a wonderful feeling being recognized as a teacher who was making a difference in student's lives.  

Another interesting fact about Dianna Schutte is that everyday, she had driven 62 miles one-way to school.  Other teachers would say, "There's Dianna from Indiana!!"  After 28 years of teaching various grades and disciplines for Newport Independent Schools, she decided to retire and became interested in teaching Higher Education for the University of Cumberlands.  

At the end of every school year, Dianna Schutte is excited to return to Newport to see former students graduate from high school.  Watching those students walk in the procession, receive his or her diploma, and accomplish their dream is one of the most proud and rewarding moments in a teaching career.  It's always a pleasure to see those students and know that you helped them to become successful.  

MS Education, Northern Kentucky University, 1998
BS Education, Northern Kentucky University, 1994

Mathematics, Classroom Management, Differentiation Lesson Plans for Various Learning Styles