Commencement - May 3 & 4

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Amanda Elise Dossaji has general research interests in the areas of grief and mindfulness in counseling. Currently Dr. Dossaji is working on two projects: one is developing a narrative on using yoga as a trauma informed practice in group therapy and the other is developing a scale to assess non-bereavement related grief. In addition to her research interests, Dr. Dossaji also has a private practice in New Orleans where she works primarily with grief and trauma. Dr. Dossaji has worked in the field of mental health in various capacities since her graduation from Troy University in 2009. Since 2009, Dr. Dossaji  has worked with veterans, hospice, and in community mental health. She is a member of ACA, SACES and a current board member on the Louisiana State Board of Licensed Professional Counselors. Dossaji’s professional presentations include topics on mindfulness, aging, and ethics in counseling.  

PhD -  Counselor Education; University of New Orleans 
M.S. -  Counseling Psychology; Troy University
B.S.  – Psychology; University of Georgia

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