Dr. Annette Roter serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of the Cumberlands.  She has several years of experience in Healthcare, Consulting, Manufacturing, IT and Non-Profits.  In addition, she has over 15 years of experience in higher education training.

Dr. Roter, is an author of two books on Dysfunctional Leadership and has spent several years studying dysfunction in the workplace.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, knitting and photography. She also enjoys attending art fairs 

PhD Organization Management emphasis in Leadership, Capella University  2011
MS Training and Organizational Development, UW Stout 1996
BS Business Administration HR emphasis  Mount Senario College 1995

Roter, A. (2018).  The Dark Side of the Workplace.  Addressing Dysfunction in the  Workplace.  Published November, 2018 Sole Author. Publisher Taylor & Francis Group: UK.  

Roter, A. (2018) Dysfunction in Healthcare: Addressing the Problem: Publisher: Beijing Better Care, Inc.  Manuscript Due Fall 2018

Roter, A. (2017).  Understanding and Recognizing Dysfunctional Leadership. The Impact of Dysfunctional Leadership on Organizations and Followers.  Publisher Taylor & Francis Group:  UK.. Book published in June 2017, 10 chapters.  Sole Author

Roter, A. (2016). A Phenomenological Study: Understanding registered nurses’ experiences elated to Dysfunctional Leadership in a Hospital Setting.  Journal of Organizational Psychology.  Publication January 2016

Barrow, L. Kolberg, S., Mirabella, J. & Roter, A. (2013).  Are Rational Self-Interested Leadership Behaviors Contributing to the Workplace Bullying Phenomenon in Canada and the United States?  Journal of Industrial and Business Management.

Roter, A. & Spangenburg, J. (2013).  A Phenomenological Study of Registered Nurses Exposed to Toxic Leadership Behaviors: What it Means to Health Care Organizations.  Journal of American Business Review, Cambridge.

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