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Dr. Charles Edeki

Dr. Charles Edeki
Adjunct Professor

PhD, Information Technology, Capella University, 2012
MS Computer Science, Long Island University, 2001
MS Bioinformatics, University of Maryland, 2015
MS Mathematics, Walden University, 2006
BS Liberal Arts, Excelsior College, 1998

Dr. Charles Edeki spent eight years (1990 to 1998) in the US Army as a Patient Administration Specialist. He is a qualified and experienced Computer and Math Instructor with research interest in Bioinformatics, Data Mining and Statistical Learning Algorithms. He started his teaching career in 1999 as a Tutor in Hawaii Pacific University at Honolulu – Hawaii after separating from the US Army and since then, teaching has being his passion and profession. He has taught and is still teaching undergraduate students’ Introduction to Computing (MS Office Application Software), C++/Java programming languages, JavaScript, computer graphics using OpenGL and VRML (Virtual Reality Model Language), how to use game maker 6 and game factory 2 to develop electronic games, how to use Java 2D and Java3D Application Programming Interface (API) and C++ and Allegro library files to create computer games, database management system I, calculus 1 and II, college algebra and statistics courses.

He is married with two children (15 years old daughter and 13 years old son) and live in New York City.

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Edeki, C. (2010). Data mining approach in reducing customer attrition.  Accepted by the 17th International Symposium on Mathematical Methods Applied to the Sciences.  February 16-19, 2010. The University of Costa Rica. San Jose, Costa Rica. By Dr. Javier Trejos (Chairman),

Faculty Expertise:
Data Analytics, Biomechanics