Dr. Christie Y. Oliver has a Doctorate degree in Business Administration with a focus on International Business. Her dissertation focused on leaders and the difference in leaders born or made. She has over 10 years in academia in CIS and Business teaching experience at various institutions and organizations.  She has spent over 11 years in the IT/media/communication area with websites, management, and training. Her extensive background involves 30 years of entrepreneurial/retail experience in ownership, development, management, and funding. 

A professional in any endeavor that was presented to her was always met with customer service in mind whether it be retail or student service. A motto long-held and lived by whether teaching or sales was “No matter what widget or information you sell, teach or collaborate, you are always in the customer service business, if not, you have no business!”

Dr. Oliver has many relatives that are and were educators, mostly in rural eastern Kentucky.  Decades ago, some of them built schoolhouses for the community where there were none.  Then taught in them, so education continued. Many of their students went on to be doctors, lawyers, and educators.

Dr. Oliver is an experienced professional educator with 35 years of teaching, both experienced online or in the classroom, accustomed to training, lecturing, presentations, seminars, and other courses, including certificates of education, state certification courses in Mediation, Computer, and Management Information Systems (CMIS) information, Computer Information Systems (CIS), Analytical data, strategic and organizational business strategies, and all aspects of business management. 

Dr. Oliver has owned and operated various businesses including several storefronts with an entrepreneurial mindset, developing and renovating buildings from the ground up. She is accustomed to operating all aspects of the business from funding, renovation, management, merchandiser, employment plus many other areas of owning and managing employees. All the business dealings and management along with the educational portion led to her desire to teach others personal behaviors, strategies of business methods, and how to start up a newly developing business. Life Insurance and retail sales of essential oils round out various small businesses under management. Also Recently adding an international notary service with other notary services available.

Personally, she has traveled internationally, and to 42 states in the US.  Her bucket list is to travel to the other 8 states, with a few stopovers with the friends made over the years in different parts of the United States. She looks forward to revisiting many of her favorite people and places along the way.

DBA, Argosy University, 2016
MSMIT, MBA, Sullivan University 2009, 2008
BA, Midway University 2006

Authored Dissertation: Are Natural Leaders Born or Made? A Phenomenology Study of Characteristic Behavior of Global Leaders., (2016)
Co-Authored: Bully No More…, a workbook for practical use by students and teachers in Grades K-12 (2009)
Co-Authored: 40-hour General Civil Mediation Training Curriculum (2009)., 40-hour Family Mediation Training Curriculum (2008) Specialty in both Listening and Ethics, et al

  • Leadership
  • Business Continuity