Craig Hovey been teaching economics for 25+ years. It is an endlessly fascinating subject and always a pleasure to work with students to develop and enhance their understanding of it. In addition to teaching Dr. Hovey is involved in research and writing and is finishing up a book for publication in 2022 and another in 2023. Dr. Hovey lives in Jacksonville, Fl and enjoys being near the ocean and all the wonderful things his state has to offer (such as warmth and sunshine). Interests include running, weight-training, live music and keeping up with his three wonderful children.​​​​​​​

Ph.D. Economics, Union Graduate School, 1996
MSW, University of Albany, 1984
BA, Accounting, University of Albany, 1991
CPA (state of Delaware)

The Accountants Guide to the Universe, 2013, St. Martin's Press
The Way of the Cockroach: Business Lessons from Nature's Greatest Survivor, 2007

  • Financial Economics