Dr. Cullen Bass has a Doctorate in Computer Science with a focus on Information and Cybersecurity. He has over 24 years of industry experience working for various companies handling network security.

He is knowledgeable with more than one year of teaching experience online in the area of Computer Information Systems (CIS). Proficient in developing weekly guidance and activities to expand students’ learning opportunities. Guide students in active collaboration and promote enthusiasm for learning toward academic success. Provide constructive and on-time feedback for the assessment of student work and acknowledging their strengths. Demonstrate strong subject-matter expertise and assist in curricular improvements

He has diversified experience in information and network security, analyzing results using statistical techniques/tools, and providing ongoing reports. Developing and implementing security policies and security devices. A Project Network Security Professional with years of experience in project planning, implementation, and execution. A skilled communicator with excellent interpersonal skills, a team player, and the ability to inspire and engage students of a diverse population. He lives in Florida and loves Church, football, and basketball.

DCS Information Security/Assurance. The University of Colorado. 2019
MIT Security, and Assurance, American Intercontinental University, 2015
BS Computer Sciences, Southern University, 1983

  • Cybersecurity
  • Information Security