Dr. Holbert’s area of expertise is centered on security and how poor security practices can impact organizations' and individual’s security posture. His extensive experience is centered on years of information technology (IT) security audits that have resulted in many organizations changing their security practices to improve their employee’s security practices, training, and purchasing new hardware/software components.

The main focus of Dr. Holbert’s research is on the area of failed IT security audits and their impact. Dr. Holbert’s research has shed light on the risks that organizations take as they allow users to access data that use poor security practices. These practices have led to data breaches and security risks within their organization. Dr. Holbert has spoken at many state and industry conferences on IT security and the impact that failed IT audits can have on an organization.

Dr. Holbert enjoys traveling both domestically and internationally to fully enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the world.

PHD Information Security Awareness , Capella University 2013
MPA Masters of Public Administration, West Virginia University, 2001
BA Education, Fairmont State University, 1994

  • Cybersecurity
  • Information Security
  • Information Technology Audits
  • Networking
  • Encryption