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Dr. Eric Stephens

Dr. Eric Stephens
Luecker Annex 156

Dr. Eric Charles Stephens holds a B.A. in Psychology from Berea College, an M.A. in Applied Experimental Psychology from Western Kentucky University, and a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology, and a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Kentucky. His interests include sport psychology, human factors psychology, and cognitive psychology.

Courses Taught

  • Basic Psychology (PSYC 131); Also in Bridge and Lifelong Learning programs
  • Psychology and Human Development (PSYC 232); Also in Bridge program
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PSYC 338); Also in Bridge program
  • Special Topics in Education (EDUC 431)
  • Psychology of Learning and Exceptionality (PSYC 238)
  • Research Design and Statistics I (PSYC 234)
  • Research Design and Statistics II (PSYC 244)
  • Sport Psychology (PSYC 401)
  • Adult Development (PSYC 332)
  • Directed Studies- Readings or Research (PSYC 491)
  • Senior Seminar (PSYC 499)
  • Learning and Cognition (PSYC 436)
  • Principles of Academic and Personal Development (STSK 120)
  • Research Methods in Education (EDOL 630)
  • Evaluation, Measurement, and Assessment (EDOL 532)
  • Research Methods in Counseling (PSYOL 536)
  • Organizational Behavior (BUOL 532)
  • INSIGHTS since 2003

Professional Memberships

  • Association for Psychological Science (formerly the American Psychological
  • Society)Society for the Teaching of Psychology
  • Psi Chi
  • Kentucky Psychological Association (KPA)

Peer-reviewed publications

  • Stephens, E..C. (2011). Creating musical group names to aid student memory. In H. Blythe & C. Sweet (Eds.). It Works for Me Creatively. New Forums Press.
  • Higdon, L. G., & Stephens, E. C. (2008). Preferred music genre: The influence of major personality factors. Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research, 13(3), 140-147.
  • Stephens, E. C., Carswell, C. M., & Schumacher, M. M. (2006) Evidence for an elders’ advantage in the naive product usability judgments of older and younger adults. Human Factors, 48(3), 422-433.
  • Carswell, M, Rinaldo, S., & Stephens, E. (2005). Representative sampling of users? To the contrary. Ergonomics in Design, 13(4), 25-27.

Peer-reviewed presentations and published abstracts

  • Stephens, E. C. A common make-up exam policy across faculty: Is it effective? To be presented at the Teaching Institute affiliated with the Association for Psychological Science Convention, Chicago, May 2012.
  • Stephens, E. C. Group project grades are just not fair!: Perceptions of 360 degree feedback. Presented at the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology in St. Petersburg, FL, January, 2011
  • Stephens, E. C. Make-up Exams: Student Perception and Performance. Presented atthe 22nd Annual Southeastern Conference on the Teaching of Psychology in Atlanta, GA, February 2010.
  • *Flora, K., & Stephens, E. C. Influence of sports and employment on grade point average. Kentucky Psychological Association Conference in Lexington, KY, March 2009.
  • * Higdon, L G., & Stephens, E. C. Preferred music genre: The influence of major personality factors. Southeastern Psychological Association Convention in Charlotte, NC, March 2008.

* indicates a student