Dr. Gehan Dhameeth is an Associate Professor of Business and the Department Chair of the Data Analytics at Wells College in Aurora, New York, United States of America. Dr.Dhameeth earned his bachelor's degree (BBA) from the University of Colombo, his master's degree (MBA) from the University of Wales (UK), his second master's degree (M.Sc. in Business Data Analytics) from Maryville University (USA), and his doctorate (DBA) from Jones University (USA). Dr.Dhameeth successfully defended his second Doctoral Degree at the University of the Cumberland (Ph.D. in Business with a concentration in Marketing). In addition, he serves as an external advisor for Ph.D. programs at Stockholm University, Asia e-University, and Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY). Dr. Dhameeth was trained at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in case-method instruction, which he employs expertly in all his classes. Dr. Dhameeth describes his research and teaching interests in Marketing and Management, focusing on Quantitative Marketing and Business Analytics. In addition, he is a CIW Certified Data Analyst. His research has been published in numerous Business and Management Journals and presented at International Business Conferences in Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Spain, Canada, Dubai (UAE), Italy, and the United States. His teaching interests include Marketing, Business Strategy, Brand Management, and International Marketing, in addition to quantitative courses like Business Analytics and Marketing Analytics. Dr.Dhameeth also serves as a journal editor for many business and management journals, including the Journal of Brand Management, a prestigious journal in the marketing domain.

Ph.D. (Marketing Concentration) University of the Cumberlands (USA), 2023
DBA (Marketing Concentration) Jones International University (USA), 2012
M.Sc. (Business Data Analytics) Maryville University (USA), 2019
MBA (Marketing Concentration) University of Cardiff (UK), 2006
BBA (Marketing Concentration) University of Colombo (SL), 2002


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