Dr. Glenda Warren is a state of Tennessee certified teacher in Health and Physical Education for grades K-12 and is certified to teach Biology in secondary school.  She taught both Biology and Health at the high school level for five years.  Glenda also taught while working on her master’s degree and her doctorate.  Her first job at the college level was at Delta State University in Mississippi.  She taught there for five years before moving to Cumberland College (now University of the Cumberlands).  She enjoyed teaching high school and loved teaching health content. She believes that younger students are highly impressionable and should learn good health habits early in their lives to be able to participate in sports and other activities of their choice.  She also believes that knowledge of Health content is important no matter what your age.  Glenda’s favorite past-time is raising Tennessee Walking Horses.  She travels mostly in the early spring and summer to go to shows.

Ed. D School Health, Public Health and Safety, University of Tennessee
M.Ed. Education/Health, Middle Tennessee State University
B.S. Biology and Health Physical   Education, Recreation and Dance, Middle Tennessee State University

  • Health Education
  • Public Health




Luecker Building, RM 204