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Dr Spangenburg’s  whole life has been founded on being a servant leader and enabling, mentoring and coaching others and being able to see them realize their dreams. Dr Spangenburg’s teaching began in the classroom in 1994 on a naval ship teaching management to U. S. Navy enlisted men. Drawing from  that experience, Dr Spangenburg started teaching business, management and human resources in the classroom and earned high evaluations and full classes founded a solid reputation that showed every student care and understanding  for each of them.
Dr Spangenburg's classroom teaching led her to be asked to teach online in 2001. The first online LMS was the WebCT platform and Dr Spangenburg has taken her humanistic approach to create a very effective teaching philosophy that extends to the online virtual setting. Since then, Dr Spangenburg has enjoyed regular and full classes. The students know that Dr Spangenburg will give them more than they ever dreamed because Dr Spangenburg believes in giving back and equipping students with the tools for success. Dr Spangenburg has experience on over 6 versatile platforms and teaches courses on the undergraduate, masters graduate and terminal PhD programs utilizing distance learning. Dr Spangenburg has even taught intensive weekend courses for a local masters program from time-to-time and it has been very successful as well as online experiences.
Dr Spangenburg's  goal is to use her education to train and prepare others for opportunities and when doors open- their grandest dreams can be realized and attained. 

PhD, Business and Organizational Leadership, Regent University
MA, Fielding Graduate University
MS, Troy University
BA, St Leo University
AAS, Tidewater Community College
Graduate Certificate, Logistics, American Military University
Graduate Certificate, Operations and Supply Chain and Economics, Southern New Hampshire University

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2007-2012. Reviewer for Academy of Management and Institute for Advanced Behavioral Management, 25 reviews in last 2 years.

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