Professor Strang is a successful international entrepreneur and in parallel a globally-recognized scholar (semi-retired AACSB full professor) who teaches and researches in: business administration, economics-statistics (research methods), management, marketing-consumer behavior, human resource management, operations research, project management, organizational behavior, and supply chain management, plus he supervises doctoral students. Dr. Strang has over 40 years of industry career experience. He also has numerous academic scholarly publications including a best-selling research methods textbook, organizational analytics, learning styles/culture, clean energy hydro utilities, and he was a contributor to the ISO/Project Management Body of Knowledge. Ken has a doctorate in project management (operations research), an MBA (strategic management), a BSBA (marketing), an AS (information technology/programming) all education degrees with summa cum laude/honors. Dr. Strang is an internationally licensed Project Management Professional (PMI, USA), a Fellow Life Management Institute with distinction (LOMA, USA), a Certified Network Administrator (Novell, USA), a Certified Research Professional (IIPMR, USA), a Certified Supply Chain Specialist/Certified Procurement Professional (IIPMR, USA), and a World Medical Association research ethics and compliance scientist (Miami University, USA). Dr. Strang has lifetime grant-projects valued over $1 billion, he won many awards including a Behavior Energy Climate Change Fellowship from American Council Energy Efficient Economy (Stanford University, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and Morris Foundation), two Emerald Literati awards, the Duke of Edinborough community service medal, multiple teaching awards and several presidential citations. Ken is known for helping students and collaborating with the business communities, plus he mentors emerging researchers and Doctoral/Ph.D. students.
  • Doctorate in Project Management (Operations Research focus), High Distinction, RMIT, 2005 
  • Certified Supply Chain Specialist/Procurement Professional (license no. 98453), IIPMR, 2018
  • World Medical Association Research, Ethics, and Compliance (licenses no. 7620561, 8109898), Miami University, 2018
  • Certified Research Professional (license no. 73195), IIMPR, 2017
  • Project Management Professional™ (license no. 8196), PMI, 1996-present
  • MBA (Strategic Management focus), Summa Cum Laude, Birmingham Chadwick University, 1994 
  • BSBA (New Product Development focus), Summa Cum Laude, Birmingham Chadwick University, 1993 
  • AS (Programming Analysis & Design focus), Summa Cum Laude, Brunswick Community College, 1983 
  • Certified Netware Administrator, Novell, 1990
  • Fellow Life Management Institute (Distinction), LOMA, 1989

Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Management/Logistics, Operations Research, Project Management, Leadership, Learning Styles/Culture, Human Resources, Consumer Behavior, Research Methods, Statistics, Machine Learning

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