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Dr. Laura Bonzo-Sims

Dr. Laura Bonzo-Sims
Associate Professor
Available by appointment only

Dr. Laura Bonzo-Sims has been an  Associate Professor for the Education Department’s Teacher Leader Program since 2106. In addition to her service to the University of the Cumberlands, Dr. Bonzo-Sims has been the Director of College Placement and head of the English department for The Lexington School since 1996. 

Committed to helping teachers and schools create a more inclusive and equitable environment, Laura serves as a diversity speaker and trainer at both national and local conferences. In her sessions, she helps teachers understand, identify, and change implicit biases in their curriculum and teaching methods. 

Current service includes: People of Color Conference facilitator, WPC20 presenter and trainer, Independent Schools of the Central States curriculum and program evaluator, Orton-Gillingham instructor.

EdD Educational Leadership, University of the Cumberlands, 2013
Masters of Arts in Education, Georgetown College, 1997
Bachelors of Arts, University of Kentucky, 1993

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