Ley Sylvester is a speaker, mentor, and teacher in computer science. She has extensive hands-on experience in information technology infrastructure. She held positions where she implements the database life-cycle (including database security) and shares her knowledge of good security practices.  Ley enjoys researching current trends in information technology. Her research interest includes Mobile Security, Cloud Security, Cloud Computing, Database Security, IT Governance, and Data Protection. When not working, Ley enjoys developing websites, training her vocals, and reading about current trends in cybersecurity.

PhD Information Technology, Capella University, 2019

Sylvester, F. L. (2019). Factors Impacting Mobile Device Users’ Susceptibility to Attacks (Doctoral dissertation, Capella University).

Sylvester, F. L. (2020, January). Mobile Users's Susceptibility to Phishing Attacks. In T. Snoke (Chair), FloCon 2020. Conference conducted at the meeting of Carnegie Mellon University, Savannah GA

  • Cybersecurity
  • Databases Systems
  • Cloud Computing