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Dr. M. D. Williams

Dr. M. D. Williams
Adjunct Professor

Doctoral in Executive Leadership, CTU, 2020 
Masters in Project Management, CTU, 2017 
BA in Business Studies, Southern New Hampshire Univ, 2015 
AAS in Professional Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ, 2009

Dr. M. D. Williams, better known as Dr. No Days Off, is a combat and disabled veteran of the Army and Navy; now serving as an Executive Leadership & Insurance SMG with TMTSI. Dr. No Days off is also responsible for establishing TMTSI as a national independent African American-owned insurance agency. He provides coaching, teaching, and training platforms in executive leadership, self-leadership, ODC, team building, entrepreneurship, career/professional development, project/program management, and health & life insurance; specializing with African Americans and disadvantaged cultures. 
As an exceptional practitioner-scholar, he develops and trains through a proven multi-million-dollar leadership training system, earning business awards and recognition.

Dr. No Days Off dedicate his time to serving others to help them understand the tenets of having personal and professional success through his research-developed 3xP Leadership methodology (trademark-approved & patent pending). He also serves as an Advisory Board Member, a Leadership Trainer/Speaker/Mentor, and a Board Member of the Selective Service System. He also served as a President of an association, a Sexual Assault Prevention Response Advocate/Data Collection Coordinator/Trainer, a Divisional Board Member, a Self-Leadership Development Mentor/Life Coach, and a Business Council Member.

Dr. No Days Off published a Qualitative Study of a Unique Executive Leadership Skillset for Management of Companies and Enterprise Business Sector African American Entrepreneurs as his dissertation. During his research, he discovered a unique executive leadership skillset for African American professionals and entrepreneurs as a basis for developing their leadership foundation and building successful enterprises throughout multiple business industries. He continued his research and discovered this unique executive leadership skillset combined with servant leadership and a specifically designed project management skillset is the foundation of an effective African American leader; thus, developing 3xP Leadership. Dr. No Days off continuously work to improve leadership; especially for African Americans, thus making him the leader of leaders!

- Qualitative Study of a Unique Executive Leadership Skill set for Management of Companies and Enterprise Business Sector African American Entrepreneurs
- 5th Annual National Conference (11/2021), Subject: Leader Builder’s Mentality, Veterans In Business (VIB) Network
- Rise Together Conference (10/2021) (11/2021), Subjects: Leadership Panel | Authentic Storytelling and Journaling, National Society of Leadership & Success
- Designed for Success! (presentation)
- Getting Gritty (presentation)
- Program and Policy Development (presentation)
- Career Preparation (presentation)
- Becoming An Overcomer (short article)
- Plan...Do...Review (short article)
- Multivariate Statistic Analysis (short article)