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Dr. Margo's accomplishments are because of her father's service in the Korean War and her mother’s dedication to Dr. Margo’s pursuit of excellence.  Dr. Margo recognizes that her achievements are also because of her mother’s nurturing commitment to family, powerful words of wisdom, and unrelenting encouragement to her children, Dr. Margo found strength in her educational journey.  She is a first-generation doctor in her family and comes from humble beginnings, a family of “panaderos,” bakers, and “rancheros,” ranch owners.  Dr. Margo has a deep passion focused on initiatives supporting the socially, economically, disadvantaged, and underserved in our community.  She has over twenty-five years of experience leading programs of Strategic Talent Management efforts within the portfolio of programs.  Because change affects so many individuals with a high level of stress, Dr. Margo researched ways to manage stress and change.  Reflected in statistics on stress was $300 billion in annual costs concerning health and absenteeism (American Psychological Association, 2017;, 2019).   
According to the research, Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism, which is the (HERO) from within the person, can provide coping techniques to better manage stress (Luthans, Avolio, and Avey, 2017).  To that extent yielded from an exhaustive review of studies was the problem that leaders seek to help people going through change with methods of coping during change, especially to prevent negative effects such as heightened stress and lower levels of productivity (Becker, Kernan, Clark, & Klein, 2018; Çelik, 2018; Peus, Wesche, Streicher, Braun, & Frey, 2012; Villa & Thousand, 2015), yet underserved in the literature was the link to investigate a perspective using components of exemplary transformational leadership style and components of psychological capital (Becker et al., 2018; Villa & Thousand, 2015).  According to the research, the findings illustrate a positive and statistical significance to managing stress, which is from the use of Psychological Capital (PsyCap) for stress management.
Dr. Margo holds a Bachelor's degree in business, a Master's degree in business administration, and a Doctor of Business Administration. Dr. Margo holds professional designations in the following areas:  PROSCI Change Management Practitioner Certification®, Project Management Professional (PMP™), Society of Human Resources Management -Certified Professional (SHRM-CP®), Professional in Human Resources (PHR®), and Human Resources Management (HRM™).   Dr. Margo volunteers with the Institute for Veterans and Military Family Members, the USO, and other non-profits.  Additionally, Dr. Margo is an avid reader; and loves spending time with her family, adorable grandchild, and enjoys lifting weights, barbells, and sandbags.   

DBA, Global Business Mgmt., University of Phoenix, 2020
MBA, Global Business Mgmt., University of Phoenix, 2010
BS, Global Business Mgmt., University of Phoenix, 2008

Rohde, D., Raphael, M., DeNigris, J., Moreno, M.  (2020).  Transformational Leadership and Investment in Quantitative Correlational Study.  Proquest.

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