Dr. Ewers is a Fulbright Scholar who is passionate about helping students achieve their goals while balancing careers, families, life and doctoral studies.  

Doctor of Education, University of the Cumberlands, Higher Education 
Master of Arts, Indiana Wesleyan University, Leadership
Master of Theology, Campbellsville University, Philosophy
Master of Arts, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Theological Studies
Bachelor of Business Admin., Northwood University Management
Bachelor of Arts, Boyce College, Semitic Languages
Associate of Arts, Northwood University, Management

Higher Education Assessment, Accreditation and Leadership

  • International Journal of Arts & Sciences, June 2015: Brussels, Belgium. Paper Presented: Staffing Patterns for International Programming among Rural Higher Education Institutions 
  • Higher Learning Commission Conference, April 2014: Chicago, Illinois. Pre-Conference: Writing HLC Assurance Arguments
  • Salud Es-Studante, March 2014: Sao Paulo, Brazil. Panelist: The Role of Community College in American Higher Education. Panelist: Student Abroad Programs in North America
  • United Kingdom: Fulbright Appointment Lecturer: various lectures given to 13 universities across England and Scotland.
  • Complete College America, June 2013: Guided Pathways to Success Institute. International Journal of Arts & Sciences, December 2012: Gottenheim, Germany
  • Paper Presented: The historical context of Early Bronze Age Mesopotamia in the Development of Yahwistic Monotheism.
  • Indo-Global Education Summit, September 2012: Hyderabad, India. Panelist: Twinning & Transfer Programs Abroad. Panelist: Study Abroad in America (USA, Canada, & Latin America Countries). 
  • SENCER Summer Institute, August 2012: Santa Clara University, California.
  • Higher Learning Commission, April 2012: Chicago, Illinois. Pre-Conference: AQIP Colloquium  
  • International Journal of Arts & Sciences, April 2012: Las Vegas, Nevada. Paper Presented: Why Leadership and Education Philosophies in Higher Education Matter: An Inferential Analysis.
  • National Career Pathways Conference, October 2011: Orlando, Florida. Certification: National Career Pathways Leadership Certification
  • Dissertation, University of the Cumberlands. Regression Analysis of Economic and Leadership Philosophies in Higher Education.
  • Austrian Scholars Conference, March 2010, Auburn University, Paper Presented: Lessons on Organizational Leadership from Austrian Economics. http://mises.org/classroom/events/asc2010_schedule.pdf 
  • The Northwood Idea: “Articles of Hope… Louisville Program Center Students Take Action.” http://www.northwood.edu/idea/spring2010/features/4971/