Dr. Rosiji Ajayi joined has nearly sixteen plus years of professional service in information technology and operations within the government and energy industries. Dr. Rosiji Ajayi holds a certification in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Dr. Rosiji Ajayi’s dissertation research centered around how new innovations in information technology such as Internet of Things can be adopted into healthcare enterprise systems to help save lives and improve efficiency in the healthcare industry. Dr. Rosiji Ajayi is an avid advocate of business process re-engineering to enhance business-process effectiveness and improved decision making

Dr. Rosiji Ajayi have worked in different capacities such as Automated Systems Technician, Automated Systems Analyst, Data Warehouse Administrator, Senior Business Analyst, and Doctoral Student Mentor. Dr. Rosiji Ajayi’s experience provided him the opportunity to work with large enterprise systems such as the department of justice applications, electronic health record systems, electronic procurement systems, property information management systems, and SAS applications just to name a few. He has also managed several large IT projects that were completed on schedule and budget.

Dr. Rosiji Ajayi lives in Redlands, California with his family. His hobbies include hiking, traveling, playing virtual games, and watching TV especially History Channel when he has some free time.

 D.Sc. Colorado Technical University, 2017

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