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Dr. Ryan Luke

Adjunct Faculty


PhD Mathematics, University of Louisville, 2017
MA Mathematics, University of Louisville, 2013
MS Mathematics, Mississippi College, 2011
BS Computer Science, Mississippi College 2002


Dr. Michael Ryan Luke has been teaching college mathematics for over 10 years.  He currently teaches statistics courses for doctoral students in the social sciences that prepare them for dissertation writing.  Dr. Luke is also a leader in the field of adaptive courseware and educational technology where he has written about the use of personalized learning software and its benefits to students.  Whenever he gets the opportunity, Dr. Luke enjoys traveling with his wife and three boys.


Vignare, K., Lammers Cole, E., Greenwood, J., Buchan, T., Tesene, M., DeGruyter, J., Carter, D., Luke, R., O’Sullivan,  P., Berg, K., Johnson, D., & Kruse, S. (2018). A guide for implementing adaptive courseware: From planning    through scaling. Joint publication of Association of Public and Landgrant Universities and Every Learner Everywhere.

Luke, Michael Ryan. (2017) Residuated Maps, the Way-Below Relation, and Contractions on Probabilistic Metric Spaces.

Luke, Ryan. (2014).“Using the XYZ Homework System” In Marti Zimmerman, College algebra: a problem-solving approach (pp. iv - viii) Cincinnati, OH: Van-Griner, LLC.