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Dr. Sam Aganov

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology – California Institute for Human Science, 2006 
Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Aspen University, 2010 
Master of Science in Psychology – Kiev National University, 1995 
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Bemidgi State University, 1997 
Professional Biography: 
Dr. Sam Aganov is the founder and CEO of Doctor Sam Medical Network. In addition to being a healthcare executive, he us also an educator, personal & corporate coach, media consultant and public speaker specializing in healthcare, financial, business communication, and academics issues, and the author of The neuroscience of personal growth: Exploring the neural dynamics of change and development. Upon receiving his initial psychology training in Kiev, Ukraine, Dr. Aganov continued his education in Minnesota, and later in California, where he received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. He also extended his academic career to include a Master’s degree in Business Administration. 
Having worked for a number of years as a healthcare executive in the Unites States and Europe, Dr. Aganov has founded the Doctor Sam Medical Network in Kiev, Ukraine, where he now serves as a CEO. Currently, the Network includes multidisciplinary family clinics and pharmacies. However, in the near future, in addition to building up a network of 10+ clinics and pharmacies in Kiev and the regions, the Network plans to add a laboratory module, telemedicine program, and a full-service hospital. 
Dr. Aganov’s teaching engagements extend to California Institute for Human Science and University of the Cumberlands. His academic experience includes instruction in both on-campus and on-line environments. 
As an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the California Institute for Human Science, Dr. Aganov teaches graduate and postgraduate psychology courses and serves as a dissertations committee member. 
At the University of the Cumberlands, Dr. Aganov is the Director of Study Abroad in Oxford, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology. As such, he participates in online instruction for the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology program, the M.A. in Professional Counseling program, as well as for the Education Department. In addition to that, he serves as Tutor of Counseling & Clinical Psychology for Study Abroad in Oxford. Accordingly, a portion of each academic year Dr. Aganov is in residence at St Stephen’s House, Oxford, Permanent Private Hall of the University of Oxford. 
Dr. Aganov also provides business consulting services to American and Western European companies operating around the world, while maintaining a small private practice as a personal and executive coach. Dr. Aganov’s Personal Coaching clients include business owners, executives, professional athletes, writers, and people from all walks of life. His Executive Coaching projects include working with various organizations: from business start-ups to international banks and multinational corporations, as well as conducting professional training programs, consulting for The Learning Channel, etc. Over the years, Dr. Aganov has worked with individual clients and businesses in the United States, Canada, France, Ukraine, Israel, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, and various other corners of the world. 
Finally, Dr. Aganov is the founder and CEO of PsychDirectory – a web-based directory of various psych-related services. As one of the oldest psych-related websites of its kind, PsychDirectory indexes hundreds of resources on mental health professionals, education and training, professional journals and publications, centers and institutes, etc., with listings in over 30 countries from around the world. He also founded Business Optimization Solutions and Worldbridge Education – the former, a company whose focus is to assist businesses in creating work environments conducive to personal and professional growth and development; the latter, an educational company dedicated to expanding the concept of learning and making quality education accessible to people around the globe. 
Sam has been living in Kiev with his wife and daughter since 2011. Since that time, he had served as a CEO of Isida clinic and consulted for a number of private healthcare projects. Currently, he is dedicating his time to developing the Doctor Sam Medical Network in Ukraine. 
Recent Publications: 

  • The Neuroscience of personal growth: Exploring the neural dynamics of change and development

Recent Presentations:

  • European Business Association (EBA). Financial Education for Children. 2016
  • European Business Association (EBA). Parent as Coach: A 10-lecture series. 2017