Dr. Segun Odion is a highly motivated and resourceful IT Management & Cybersecurity, Information Technology Security, Application Security, Network Security professional with a record of development and successful IT projects and solutions incorporating a wide range of applications and technologies. Responsible for driving the entire project from start to finish. Directed, controlled, administered and regulated project enhancement or development with a proven track record of teaching for over eight years and leading IT projects for over 21 years.

Dr. Odion's work focuses on a convergence of teaching online and hybrid courses, facilitating doctoral residency programs, educational program administration, and subject matter expert instructional design. Dr. Odion has over eight years of teaching management, leadership, business, and information systems and technology courses for graduate and undergraduate courses. He is an Information Technology & Cybersecurity Consultant. He Advises cybersecurity stakeholders on required security best practices and assists with the development of technical security enhancements. Also, he performs technical assessments of information systems security configuration to ensure compliance.

Segun has served on the DBA versus Ph.D. Differentiation Curriculum development Committee as the Subject Matter Expert. He has served on the ACM as a member Committee, IEEE-CS as a member Committee and ISACA as a Chapter Advisor. He currently serves on Graduate Teaching and Learning Committee – STEM.

Segun in 2018 received international professional honor society member award in technology from the College of Information Systems & Technology and the Delta Sigma Chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau (EPT). and Omicron Sigma Sigma - Academic and Professional Honor Society for Homeland Security, Intelligence, and Protective Security Studies.

Digital Transformation Certification.: AI, IoT, Cloud, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2022
MS Cybersecurity American Military University, Charles Town, West Virginia, 2020
Cybersecurity Certificate Program, Harvard University 2018
Doctorate of Management Information Systems & Technology, University of Phoenix, 2011
MS Computer Information System, University of Phoenix, 2006
BS Information Technology, University of Phoenix, 2004

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Information Technology and Cybersecurity