Sherry M. Todd is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Registered Art Therapist, Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist, Certified Clinical Traumatologist, Thought Field Therapy Diagnostic Clinician, and a Counselor Educator. Dr. Todd has served as core faculty in CACREP programs since 2010, holding several administrative roles. She has over two decades of crisis intervention, trauma evaluation/treatment, and risk of lethality assessment experience. Prior to becoming a counselor educator, Dr. Todd worked in juvenile corrections, an urban school system, in-home, and outpatient, as well as serving as an emergency services mental health pre-screener. Green Cross Academy of Traumatology has deployed Dr. Todd to numerous natural disasters. Dr. Todd is a Diplomate in the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, a Premier Speaker with the National Center for Crisis Management, an Approved Instructor with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, and serves on the Green Cross Board of Directors. Her recognitions and awards include the Founder’s Award from Green Cross Academy of Traumatology for “lifelong service dedicated to healing those suffering from severe trauma and leadership in deployment in difficult situations,” the 2014 William Hathaway Outstanding Faculty Award, School of Psychology and Counseling, Regent University, the 2010 Golden Starfish Award and the 2009 Making a Difference Award, Tidewater Emergency Medical Services CISM Team, the 2008 Chi Sigma Iota National Outstanding Practitioner/Supervisor Award, the 2008 Omega Delta, Chi Sigma Iota Chapter Outstanding Practitioner/Supervisor Award, and the Paul Fink, MD Outstanding Art Therapist Award, 1994 Eastern Virginia Medical School. Dr. Todd enjoys tropical islands in the sun, kayaking, and having fun. 

Ph.D. Counselor Education, Old Dominion University, 2009
MS Graduate Art Therapy, Eastern Virginia Medical School, 1994
BA Art, Virginia Wesleyan College, 1987

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  • Counseling Techniques
  • Trauma
  • Art Therapy
  • Disaster Response




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