Stephen M. Weiss has been a professor of psychology and chair of the psychology department here at the University of the Cumberlands since 2018. Before that, he was employed at Upper Iowa University (2012-2018) where he was also the chair of the psychology department (since 2015). Originally, from Stamford, CT, he began his academic career as an instructor at Three Rivers Community College (CT) and then later as an associate professor at Adams State University in Colorado.

His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Connecticut; a Master of Business Administration in Management from the University of Bridgeport (CT); a Master of Science in Sport Psychology from Springfield College (MA); a Master of Arts in Experimental Psychology from The City University of New York; a Ph.D. in Cognition, Learning, and Perception Experimental Psychology from The City University of New York. 

His research has focused primarily on the intricacies of implicit learning processes. He has published articles contributing to the literature in cognitive psychology, sport psychology, and motor learning. Additionally, he has been interested in empirical investigations looking at the maladaptive behaviors of those immersed in the athletic environment. Initial research interests focused on the gambling problems of these individuals. More recently this focus has expanded with exploration into other problem behaviors they sometimes encounter. In these studies, he has examined problems both within the college setting (student-athletes) and afterward (former athletes). He also has one publication that focused on the gambling implications involved in fantasy sports. 

Courses Taught at UC:

PSYC 131 Basic Psychology
PSYC 331 Physiological Psychology
PSYC 333 Psychology of Personality
PSYC 434 Forensic Psychology
PSYC 435 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 438 History & Systems of Psychology




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