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Dual Credit Academic Advising & Registration

UC On-Campus and Online Dual Credit:

UC on-campus dual credit students can learn about dual credit registration dates through the high school guidance staff or by contacting the Dual Credit Office at 606-539-3583.  UC’s dual credit staff will provide the high school with the dates that students can register for classes.  Students can submit enrollment requests via email or by phone.  Students can enroll in Online and UC On-Campus courses during the dual credit enrollment period.  Upon applying, transcript and ACT scores are requested from their high school guidance counselor.  All admissions requirements must be met for students to be able to enroll in classes.

High School In-seat Dual Credit:

All high school in-seat dual credit students will register through the high school dual credit classes.  The high school will then provide Dual credit staff with rosters.  Students will then be enrolled in classes.