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Dual Credit Application Process

Students wishing to take dual credit courses on-site, at their high school campus, or online with UC must meet the following admission criteria: A GPA of 2.0 or higher, a minimum ACT composite score of 18, must be in at least 10th grade, and be enrolled in participating schools. Students with a 3.0 GPA and high school counselor recommendation can apply with pending ACT scores.  Students are eligible to register for courses that do not require a discipline specific ACT score.

Participating high schools are as follows:  Williamsburg High School, Whitley County High School, Jellico High School, Clay County High School, McCreary Central High School, Barbourville High School, North Laurel High School, South Laurel High School, Logan County High School, Somerset Christian, Bell County High School, and Oneida Baptist Institute.  Home school students within state in the following counties, Whitley, Knox, Laurel, Pulaski, Clay, McCreary, Bell, as well as Jellico, TN area are also eligible to apply.  We are not accepting out of state students (or out of area home school) at this time.  Should this change in the future, updates will be made to the website.

I have applied for dual credit, now what do I do?    

When you submit your application, ( it takes about 48-72 hours for your student ID to populate.  When the ID is created, you will receive an automated email with instructions on setting up your UC email.  This is very important, as you will receive all correspondence from UC to this email.  Your UC email and password is also what you will use to access iLearn, which is where all online course work is posted as well as the OREN 110 module all new students must complete.  You will also use your UC email and password to access UC One, where you can view your transcript, pay your bill, view grades, etc.  

After receiving your application, I will contact your high school guidance counselor for your transcript and ACT scores.  A 2.0 GPA and minimum 18 ACT composite is required for acceptance.  If you have taken the ACT and are waiting for scores, your application will remain as “applied” until benchmark scores are received.   After processing, you will receive an automated email that each of these documents have been received.  This notifies you of your acceptance into the dual credit program.  

Open enrollment for each term, fall and spring, is the first day a student can register, not the last.  Fall enrollment begins in late July, spring, mid-December.  Each high school is notified with specific dates once they are set.  Incoming freshmen have first option to register for all main campus classes.  This can limit the number of available seats for dual credit students.  Online options are an alternative to obtaining the class of your choice.  

Dual credit students can’t self-register.  All registration goes through our office.  I will have an available list of classes on the day registration opens.  If you are wanting to take a class taught at your high school, (if available) contact your guidance counselor to be added to the roster.  If you wish to take an online or on campus course, you can email me at for a list of available classes.  Once you choose your course, send me your request and upon registration, you will get an email from me with your schedule.   As a courtesy to working parents and students, you do not have to come to main campus to register.

Students are limited to 10 hours per semester, fall being August – December, spring, January – May.  If you are enrolled in a course at your high school, this counts toward your total hours.  

Students who are enrolled in online courses will not immediately see the courses in iLearn.  It can take several hours to integrate and appear in your schedule.  Trying to log in too soon can result in locking your account.  If this happens, IT will have to reset.  

All new students are required to complete the OREN 110 module.  You will be registered for this with your first class.  It is a “click to accept terms” and only takes a few minutes.  There is no charge or credit.  You must complete before you are eligible to register for any additional classes.  

As a junior or senior, Kentucky students have the opportunity to have two (2) classes covered over their high school career.  The student is responsible for logging on to their MyKHEAA account at to complete the application process.  KHEAA award determinations are made on a first-come, first-served basis to students who have completed the KHEAA scholarship web preference.  Seniors receive priority consideration in the award order.  

I encourage students to log into the KHEAA portal as soon as registered to determine the first day they may choose their award term.   Payments for non-covered KHEAA classes for fall will be due in mid-October, spring, mid-March.  Main campus as well as high school campus classes are $49.50 each, online, $145.50 each.   You will receive a bill from the bursar.   

As a dual credit student, you are a UC student!  You are welcome to set up a campus tour through main campus admissions for a look at college life as an undergraduate student after high school.   

Welcome to UC!!!