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Dual Credit Application Process

Students wishing to take dual credit courses on-site, at their high school campus, or online with UC must meet the following admission criteria: A GPA of 2.5 or higher, a minimum ACT composite score of 18, and must be in at least 11th grade.

*NOTE: Students can be conditionally admitted prior to taking the ACT exam. Exam scores should be provided to UC upon completion.

Any student who meets admissions criteria can complete the UC online dual credit application. The student will be assigned to a dual credit admissions counselor at UC. Once the admissions counselor receives the student’s official transcripts and ACT scores, the student will receive an acceptance letter containing the UC student ID # and a link to setup a UC mail account. Students MUST set up email accounts with their assigned ID numbers. This email account will allow students to receive important information from UC, and will enable them to be enrolled in classes.