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Faculty and Staff: Frequently Asked Questions

How are student grades reported?

Dual credit instructors will call students grades into the Registrar’s Office (606-539-4316).  Grades are required to be reported no later than the last day of UC’s semester.  Please refer to UC’s Academic Calendar for important dates:  

How do students order transcripts?

Students that need to request an official transcript will need to contact UC’s Registrar’s Office at 606-539-4316 or complete the Transcript Request form online at

Do dual credit instructors have access to Webmail, iLearn, and MyUC?

Yes, dual credit instructors do have access to all of the above.  It is required that all instructors create a webmail account; this allows us to communicate effectively with the instructors.  MyUC is also required for all dual credit instructors, this allows instructors to view the course rosters that apply to the dual credit courses they are teaching.  Lastly, dual credit instructors are required to access iLearn.  Annual Professional Development will be completed in iLearn and all necessary course materials will be completed and housed in iLearn.   All tools can be set up through the following links:




What are important UC Campus dates dual credit instructors must follow?

Dates that must be followed in unison with campus include:  last day to register and withdraw for classes.  All campus dates can be found at the following link:

What are important dates I should know about?

The academic calendar, dates for breaks and final exams can be found on our website under Academics or at the link: