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Students & Parents: Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a Dual Credit student. What does that mean?

The Dual Credit program allows students to take courses that earn credit for both their high school as well as University of the Cumberlands. Although you are still a high school student, enrolling in Dual Credit courses with UC means you are also a college student of University of the Cumberlands.

What are the risks and benefits of enrolling Dual Credit courses?

There are many benefits that come with being a Dual Credit student. However, the biggest benefit may be getting a head start into your college career. Enrolling in Dual Credit courses in high school can save you time and money overall. However, the grades earned in these classes are permanent. An undesirable grade or a “withdraw” will stay on your college transcript. 

What are the costs associated with Dual Credit?

Tuition for dual credit in-seat courses offered on the high school campus or on UC's campus is $49.50 per course. Tuition for dual credit online courses offered by UC faculty is $145.50 per course. Textbooks may also contribute to the overall cost. This depends on whether the school district or the student is responsible for purchasing the required books; this decision is made by the school. Textbooks can be purchased online or at the UC campus bookstore.

What is the admissions process for the dual credit program?

Students wishing to take UC dual credit courses on-site or at their high school campus must meet the following admission criteria: A GPA of 2.0 or higher and a minimum ACT composite score of 18. 

*NOTE: Students can be conditionally admitted prior to ACT exam. Exam scores should be provided to UC upon completion.

Any student who has met the admissions criteria will need to complete the UC online dual credit application. Then, the student will be assigned to a dual credit admissions counselor at UC. Once the admissions counselor receives the student’s official transcripts and ACT scores, the student will then receive an acceptance letter containing their UC student ID # and a link to setup their UC mail account. Students MUST set up an email account with their assigned ID #. This email account will allow students to receive important information from UC and will enable them to be enrolled in classes.

What are the courses like? Will they transfer?

Students can look up course information on our website. . UC is a regionally accredited institution that builds courses to meet the rigor of accreditation standards.  Following high school graduation, all high school students should review any accumulated college credit during high school for the purpose of transferring those credits to any institution of higher learning the student plans to attend.

What should I know about adding and dropping courses?

All additions and/or drops need to be completed within the first week of classes in order to receive a full refund. Students may choose to drop after the first week of class, but will not receive a tuition refund. They will receive a “W” on their transcripts, which will not negatively affect their academic record or GPA. The last day to drop a course without a grade varies slightly from semester to semester, depending on the academic calendar. To find out the last day to drop for a particular semester, access the academic calendar on the UC website or contact your dual credit admissions counselor.

How do I check my grades?

The students’ final grades will appear on their unofficial transcript on MyUC under Self-Service/Grades tab.

What are the important dates I should know about?

The academic calendar, dates for breaks and final exams can be found on our website under Academics or at the link:  

What is the snow day policy?

High school in-seat dual credit students follow the school’s schedule. Online dual credit students will be required to complete online assignments even during snow days according to the online course schedule.  UC On-campus students will follow UC’s Weather policy.  Students can sign up for Campus Alerts at to be notified if campus is closed due to inclement weather.

What do I need to do if I want to visit the college?

The student will need to contact their admissions counselor to schedule a campus visit.

How do I order my transcript?

Students who choose to attend a different college after graduation will need to request that an official UC transcript be sent to that college or university. Students will need to contact the Registrar’s office or complete the Transcript Request form online at

Do I get a student ID?

Typically, on-campus students choose to get a student ID. However, they’re not required.

What steps do I need to take to become a freshman at UC?

Fill out our free application for admission online, complete your FAFSA, and have your high school send us your official transcript and ACT scores.