Community requests to reserve UC facilities should be limited to programming that promotes an educational atmosphere on campus.   Personal events are not eligible for approval, with the exception of pool rentals for birthdays or other youth groups.

Please fill out the UC Community Facility Request Form with detail.  Requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. 

Upon completion of this form, you will receive a confirmation that your request has been submitted.  Confirmation of Submission is NOT an approval.  Your request will receive a response within 48 business hours of submission.

Community Facilities Request

Community Facility Request Form
External individuals or groups requesting facility space for community

Indoor Pool Request Form
*Indoor pool facility is not available for request at this time. Check back soon.

Additional Documents

Important Information

  • Resource and service requests should be listed in the form as prompted; however, submission of this form is not a guarantee of resource and/or service. Please note, there may be costs associated with resource or service requests.       
    • **By submitting a facility request form you agree to the following terms and understandings: 
    • Facilities MUST be cleaned and arranged in original form after the activity is concluded unless previous arrangements have been made with facilities (fees may apply).  If no such arrangements have been made future use of facilities may be denied and/or fines applied. 
    • All costs for facility use and additional resources shall be agreed upon prior to the event. The balance shall be paid before the date of the event in full.  
    • By submitting the form, you assume all responsibility for any damages to UC facilities, personal property, or accidental injury that occurs.
    • Event cancellations shall be made 48 hours prior to the event or may result in loss of deposit.  If you cancel the event associated with this request, you assume responsibility for contacting any service providers associated with my request (audio­visual, custodial and facilities services) and notifying them of the cancellation. My organization will be liable for any fees for services to those providers for cancellation without notification. 
    • **Event cancellations with catering services requested must contact Pioneer Food Services and adhere to their standards for cancellations and cost penalties.   
    • By completing and submitting this Facility Reservation Form, you agree that you have read and committed your group/event to abide by all University of the Cumberlands policies and requirements as described in the UC Student Handbook under Regulations and as stated on the linked document outlining: Policies Governing Use of University of the Cumberlands Facilities by Non-University Organizations

For more information please contact Lisa Bartram, lisa.bartram [at] (lisa[dot]bartram[at]ucumberlands[dot]edu)