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Hutton School of Business


We are not business as usual. University of the Cumberlands will grow your ideas, develop your talents and prepare you for your own place in the global marketplace. If you dream of running a business, writing code or crunching numbers, a degree in business will give you the foundation to take advantage of the opportunities that await. 

At Cumberlands, you can customize your college education with your interests and passions. Let experiences in and out of the classroom change the trajectory of your future.  

  • Teach financial responsibility to local elementary students.
  • Attend a two-day forum and connect with business leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Learn computer programming.
  • Intern with a major corporation.
  • Join a nationally recognized honor society for business majors.

Expand your education and enhance your career by joining a knowledgeable, supportive community of dedicated business educators and students. The faculty at UC’s Hutton School of Business has dedicated itself to helping each student discover and develop their own unique interests and talents, offering those seeking increased knowledge and a deeper understanding of the field an outstanding and personal educational experience. By working side by side with instructors who are not only experts in their respective fields, but who are also actively involved in the business community, students will have the opportunity to gain insight and experience leading to an appreciation of the diverse global dynamics that shape today’s marketplace.