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So what IS the TLC exactly?

We are your resource for any help you might want in your courses at Cumberlands, whether you are on campus or in a far away land. We offer our services both in-person in our space at Leuker 110, but also virtually. Those services include workshops, resources, study groups (yes, including virtual study groups), and tutoring. We are here whether you simply want to do your best or if you are completely overwhelmed and confused.

What are Academic Fellows?

Academic Fellows are our rock-star team of students and staff who are here to help you navigate your courses. The Fellows organize study groups and events, and are also available for individual or group tutoring. They are also here to offer the occasional snack, warm welcome, chat about how to contact faculty, or even commiserate on homesickness. In short, we are a very friendly group who want nothing more than to make your program a little easier.

I am having a really hard time in one/two/a few/all of my courses. What should I do?

Take a deep breath. You are not alone! If you are having a hard time in one or two courses, schedule a session with a tutor in your content area. And if you are enrolled in the History of Bavaria and don’t see a tutor fit, just shoot us an email at and we will figure it out. If all of your classes feel overwhelming, please shoot us an email (again, and we will create a plan to get you back on track.

Who can use TLC?

Are you a human being who is currently enrolled in some form or course at the University of the Cumberlands? Do you like cookies? Then TLC is for you! Even if you don’t like cookies, although if you see us in person we might try to give you one. TLC is here for students who are excelling in their courses, as well as those of us who are having a harder time. You can access our services without any referral. 

Will you tell my Faculty/Mom/Dog/Best Friend that I am getting tutoring?

Nope. That is not how we roll. But please bring your dog by, if you get a chance. We will lovingly pet your pooch while keeping our lips sealed.

Do I have to come in-person to get services?

Not at all! We offer all of our services online, so you can enjoy them with your laptop propped up in front of you in bed while wearing your jammies if you like. We don’t even care if you are in the next building over.

So why would I ever come to Luecker?

Snacks. Great study space. Friendly people. Did we mention the snacks? Our hours are 11 AM – 7 PM, but you can still swing by afterward. We like to leave the door open so that you can find a quiet place to work.

Does this cost money?

There is never any costs associated with our services. Nada. Zip. Nunca. 

How can I become an Academic Fellow?

Please introduce your awesome self to our director, Sky, at, or set up a meeting at You can also find her in Leuker during business hours. 

Where is Luecker Rm 110 at?

Have you ever seen that great sculpture of a frog in a graduation cap sitting on top of a globe? Yeah, well that is in front of OUR building because we are cool like that. When you walk in the main door, our door will be right in front of you. There might be a few signs pointing us out. You can also find us here.