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Graduate Writing Resources

Graduate students, want to learn more? Check out the resources below or connect with a Graduate Writing Fellow at


Did you know the UC library provides access to millions of resources to UC Students? Don’t get stuck buying an article when you may already have in on the shelf! 
Not sure where to look or how to complete a basic search, find a scholarly resource, check out these Library Tutorials to help. 
Visit the UC Library
UC Interlibrary loan
Graduate Research libGuide

Academic Writer

Academic Writer provides instruction, resources, and templates for writing with APA. This is a one-stop place to do all your APA formatting requirements. You can start writing papers in Academic Writer with the templates provided, add citations with the templates provided, and save work in the program. 
Find it here: Activate your account with your UC credentials through the library’s Citation Help Tools page. 
After activation visit: Academic Writer


As a UC student, you will have access to Grammarly Premium today for free! What is Grammarly, you ask? Grammarly is your new silent, personal editor to help you take your writing from alright to amazing! Watch this video to see what it can do. 
Watch Now

Accessing Grammarly Accounts: University of the Cumberlands provides all students with a Premium Grammarly account. To access your account access OneLogin and locate the Grammarly tile to login. (Tip: Choose the "Company: Everything" tab to locate Grammarly) Need help with Grammarly? Contact the Learning Commons at

Benefits of using Grammarly:

  • Choose the writing style that best fits your assignment or your audience (think formal, informal, general) to receive custom feedback for your chosen style
  • With Grammarly vocabulary enhancements, to can revise your phrasing to add clarity and choose a writing style that sounds more like your awesome self. 
  • Want to be sure your words are shining through, and you’re not using too much research? Grammarly’s plagiarism checker can help you with that too. 
  • Run your discussion posts for your online classes through Grammarly, check vocabulary on job application materials and social media posts, and add it to your phone. Grammarly can save you from autocorrect’s cruelty.

Additional Support Links:
Grammarly Tips & Tutorials
Using Grammarly with Microsoft Office (PC & Mac)
How To: Check for Plagiarism Using Grammarly

Reference Management Programs


Zotero is an open-source easy to use tool to collect, organize and cite your research. As you get into larger and more complex writing projects, as are common in graduate school, you will need a way to keep your sources organized and easy to search.  If you will be writing a dissertation, this is a must! 
Find it here: Create your free account!    


Mendeley is a reference manager that helps students collect, manage, and cite research sources. Mendeley allows you to manage your citations in one place and organize them into collections for different projects and more. It also supports AMA (American Medical Association) citation style.

Click here for the Getting Started guide.