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Students at University of the Cumberlands (UC) may soon be able to claim that they took part in breaking a world record. On Thursday, August 23, UC attempted to break the record for the world’s Longest Line of Hot Dogs.

The previous record was 2,496 hot dogs aligned consecutively for 352.66 meters in total. University staff cooked 3,031 hot dogs, wrapped them in foil and lined them up in a row measuring 453.63 meters. For extra school spirit, Cumberlands staff arranged the food so it spelled “UC.” Anyone and everyone were welcome to attend the event.

The event was held as part of UC’s “Welcome Week,” the first week students are on campus for the new academic year. Other events during the week included a pop-up coffeehouse, Paint Fest and more. Cumberlands’ Office of Student Services and Campus Activities Board have multiple events scheduled in the coming weeks, to help new students feel at home and build a strong sense of community across campus.

“We realize this record may seem silly, but it’s just a fun thing!” said Dr. Emily Coleman, Vice President of Student Services. “If you have the opportunity to try and break a world record, why not do it? Not many people can say they have done that. This was a fun event held right on campus that offered a ton of free food. What more do college students need to hear?”

The University is required to send in a report that includes the measurement, quantity and tools used in the cooking and arrangement process as part of a “proof package,” to ensure that UC complies with all world record guidelines. Cumberlands hired Bobby Anderson, a certified surveyor from the area who is impartial to the school and world record, to conduct the measurements and survey the grounds.

After photos were taken to document the attempted world record, to help dispose of the food, Cumberlands hosted a hot dog eating contest.

The event was sponsored by C&P II Quality Meats, Mitchell’s Chili and Pioneer College Caterers.

Cumberlands staff will learn in the coming weeks whether their attempt has been validated as the official new world record. In the meantime, the University has a lot of leftovers to eat.