University of the Cumberlands hosted its third annual Cumberlands Give Day on March 22, during which time it exceeded its goal of raising $110,000 from 600 donors with results of over $199,080 from 621 donors. All donations will support scholarships, academic departments, ministries, and other key programs and funds at the university.

“We are extremely thankful to every donor and volunteer that lent their support on Give Day,” said Andrew Wolfe, Director of Advancement. “The success of Give Day all stemmed from our donors’ love and commitment for our students.  Our theme this year was ‘Rise Up’, and we were focused on providing the care and support students need to rise above the challenges and limitations they face on a daily basis.  Cumberlands students are bright, hardworking, and destined to achieve remarkable things in their lives. Seeing so many alumni, faculty, staff, and friends come together this week to help our students rise is a testament to how truly special the Cumberlands family is.”

The university is especially grateful to donors such as Community Trust Bank, who gave $10,000 to support all academic departments as part of a department challenge. Over $50,000 from nearly 200 donors was raised for student scholarships and the work study program as well.

Cumberlands students are rising above challenges daily, thanks in part to support from the university through donor-provided opportunities. For instance, students like Jordan “JZ” Zecchini (a senior from Jellico, Tennessee), who had to borrow money from her grandmother as a freshman for college, have received funds through work-study positions in order to graduate almost debt-free. And students like Sabian Mitchell (a senior from Paducah, Kentucky), who was adopted out of a broken home as a child, have been given opportunities to show God’s love to local children through campus ministries. Some students are like Luke Linton (a sophomore from Laurelville, Ohio), needing mentorship from driven faculty and staff members to learn how to take more initiative and lead others well. In the end, Cumberlands offers these students the chance to rise up above their various struggles and enjoy success.

The university supports students through scholarship, work-study, athletic, academic, ministry, and artistic opportunities, among other avenues. All interested in supporting Cumberlands students can visit to donate.