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A campus with a thriving student experience, brand-new renovations, and one of the most affordable tuitions in Kentucky? Now you’ve got to see this.

University of the Cumberlands is hosting Patriot Preview Day on September 30th, and registration is still available to attend the event. Patriot Preview Day (PPD) is an all-inclusive experience in which prospective students and their families and friends are welcomed onto Cumberlands’ campus to see what the university is really like. From touring the campus, to trying out the dining options, to asking UC staff key questions about admissions and financial aid, prospective students get the full experience at Patriot Preview Day. Visit www.ucumberlands.edu/patriot-preview-day to register.

In addition to campus tours, Patriot Preview Day will offer financial aid workshops to guardians of prospective students. For the university’s part, it has its price tag going for it; one year as a residential student at Cumberlands costs less than half the price tag of the average fellow private school in Kentucky. It’s even cheaper than the average public institution in the state, according to IPEDs data.

As part of Cumberlands’ new One Price Promise – an extension of the Cumberlands Commitment announced in 2019, when the school cut its tuition in half – all Patriots receive free textbooks. There are no hidden recreation fees, and students also have free parking, free laundry, and more amenities available at no cost.

But a price tag isn’t everything. Sometimes affordable schools don’t “fit the bill” when it comes to campus life – the facilities, athletics, academics, career readiness, and so forth. Everything that makes a campus feel like home. During Patriot Preview Day, students and their parents can see all aspects of life on campus.

This summer, the school renovated its student center and cafeteria to update the looks and functions of these hangout spaces. This comes just one year after renovations on the school’s library were finished, a $7 million project that provided students with an updated library system, private study rooms, an in-library coffee shop, and more.

More academic programs continue being added to the list of available options, which is now over 50 undergraduate and pre-professional programs. The university also continues to provide counseling, academic resources, and career development resources to students for free.

Outside of study time, prospective athletes and fans can rest assured that they would experience sports at a highly competitive level at Cumberlands. Patriots athletics has strong momentum this fall, coming off a year that was the best in school history. Students will have the opportunity to meet with coaches and faculty members during the event. 

Ultimately, prospective students will choose a variety of different colleges for a variety of different reasons. For all interested in learning more about Cumberlands as they make college decisions, visit www.ucumberlands.edu/patriot-preview-day to register for Patriot Preview Day.