Memorial Day

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday, campus offices will be closed on Friday, May 24, and Monday, May 27.

University of the Cumberlands recently hosted its annual math contest for local high schools. Eleven schools participated in the event, bringing 108 students to Cumberlands’ campus to compete. Undergraduate students from the university assisted at the event.

The winners for the annual math contest at Cumberlands are as follows:


  • First Place: North Laurel High School
  • Second Place: Southwestern High School
  • Third Place: Corbin High School

Exam: Algebra I

  • First Place: Haley Hill, North Laurel
  • Second Place: Jalen Jaggers, Southwestern
  • Third Place: Bella Templin, Anderson County
  • Fourth Place: Rylee Hoke, Estill County
  • Fifth Place: Amanda Mills, Corbin

Exam: Algebra II

  • First Place: Andrew Wolke, Southwestern
  • Second Place: EJ Allen, North Laurel
  • Third Place: Avyanna Grigsby, North Laurel
  • Fourth Place: Riley Lewis, Corbin
  • Fifth Place: Carla Tomlinson, Anderson County

Exam: Geometry

  • First Place: Oliver Frey, Southwestern
  • Second Place: Raymond Wang, North Laurel
  • Third Place: Addison Metcalf, North Laurel
  • Fourth Place: Kolby Ball, Corbin
  • Fifth Place: Grace Sukplang, Oneida Baptist Institute

Exam: Pre-Calculus

  • First Place: Gabe Doughty, North Laurel
  • Second Place: Zander Chambers, North Laurel
  • Third Place: Hudson Coe, Corbin
  • Fourth Place: Daniel Thelen, Corbin
  • Fifth Place: Nolan Cotton, Scott County

Exam: Calculus

  • First Place: Dane Root, North Laurel
  • Second Place: Thomas Halda, Southwestern
  • Third Place: Karlotta Schley, Anderson County
  • Fourth Place: Trey Brunton, Southwestern
  • Fifth Place: Will Beard, Anderson County

Cooperative Group

  • First Place: North Laurel High School: Jane Locke, Andrew Pham, Mathew Sanders
  • Second Place: Southwestern High School: Josh Amundson, Felicity Baird, Lana Kerns, Quinn McGuire
  • Third Place: Anderson County High School: Jackson Cothern, Kendall Null, Nicholas Reynolds, Tate Russell
  • Fourth Place: Corbin High School: Tanner Davis, Joey Horvath, Nate Owens, John Schmitt
  • Fifth Place: Whitley County High School: Hunter Mays, Adam Standifer, Skyler Thomas, Hunter Veach

Photos from the event are available here: Math Contest 2023
University of the Cumberlands thanks these schools for their participation and congratulates all of this year’s winners!