University of the Cumberlands will be hosting its first-ever Give Day on April 4, beginning at 12:00 a.m. and lasting 24 hours.

During that time, Cumberlands will encourage alumni and friends of the University to support the school’s mission of service to its students by making donations to the school’s programs. All interested in supporting the school’s programs may visit 

Give Day videos, fundraising challenges and general updates will be posted across Cumberlands’ social media channels throughout the day, for those who want to stay up-to-date. Alumni and friends may also become Give Day social ambassadors, encouraging friends and family to join in. (Those interested may contact Cumberlands’ Office of Development at courtney.bidwell [at] (courtney[dot]bidwell[at]ucumberlands[dot]edu).) 

“We have a number of incredibly generous donors who have given to the University over the years,” said Bill Stohlman, Director of Development at Cumberlands. “It’s amazing seeing people care so much about education, character and growth, and who believe so much in the impact this school has on its students’ lives, that they give to Cumberlands. These donations supply students with scholarships, grow ministry and outreach programs, fund work-study positions, support our student organizations and athletic teams – the list is endless.”

“Cumberlands students have innumerable invaluable opportunities available to them,” he added, “and many of those are possible directly because of our wonderful donors.”

Cumberlands slashed tuition by nearly 60 percent in September 2018, making its new tuition cost one of the lowest in the country. The new price is $9,875 without any financial assistance. Last year, 99 percent of Cumberlands students received some form of financial aid. However, the lower tuition does not decrease students’ need for financial aid the University supplies.

“Many students who may have been unable to attend college before can now afford a quality, private education,” said Dr. Jerry Jackson, Vice President for Enrollment and Communications. “But we need to continue helping our students in regard to finances. The good news is that, with this lower tuition rate, every dollar contributed to Cumberlands goes much, much further. The need is still there, but the impact of each donation is greater.”

Erica (Broome) Harris, Director of Alumni Services, is hoping Give Day will provide an opportunity to bring together alumni from every generation.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” said Harris. “What better way for alumni to get involved with the college they loved and create a tangible, lasting impact? I think a lot of the memories alumni have of their alma mater were forged while they were students, but then that’s it – no recent experiences, no new memories being made. We want their relationship with the school to continue after they graduate.”

The University’s goal for Give Day is “400 on the 4th” – bringing in 400 new donors on April 4. Give Day challenges and updates – as well as pre-event information – will be posted across all Cumberlands’ social media channels @UCumberlands using the hashtag #CumberlandsGives. Donors can also connect with Cumberlands through mail and email.