University of the Cumberlands has been named the safest college campus in Kentucky – fourth-safest in the nation – in a new report released by safety experts at Your Local Security, an affiliate of home security professionals ADT. 

Analysts calculated several campus safety factors including hate crime, property crime, violent crime, and violence against women to determine the rankings. 

“We do all we can to take care of our students in every way, from academic resources to sufficient housing options to hosting fun events,” said Dr. Emily Coleman, Vice President of Student Services, “but that really is what matters most: the fact that our students are safe. That they can walk around campus, go to class and live their lives knowing they are safe here. This is their home.”

In May 2018, Cumberlands signed an agreement with the Williamsburg Police Department (WPD) allowing police officers to be stationed on Cumberlands’ campus to act as school resource officers for the University, in addition to the school’s Department of Safety and Security.

“We are grateful for law enforcement officers to assist with security here on campus,” Dr. Larry Cockrum, University President, said in that May report. “We have fully equipped and capable security personnel already on campus, ready to help in any situation, and the addition of these WPD officers is only going to improve the safety and security of students here at UC.”

The officers on campus are full-fledged members of the police department and receive the same training as all other officers. The school resource officers alternate first, second, and third shifts, meaning that at least one officer is on Cumberlands’ campus at all times, even throughout the summer. The officers typically spend much of their time on foot inside the University’s many administrative and educational buildings.