Written by Sarah Shelley | Content Development Specialist

Pete’s Eats is named after the University’s mascot Pete the Patriot.

Dining options on the University of the Cumberlands campus are about to get a little bit “bigger.” 

The University announced “Pete’s Eats” will open to UC students on August 21 and to the public on September 3. The restaurant will be located in the newly-named Adams Center, which was formerly known as the Cumberland Inn.

Pete’s Eats, named after the University’s mascot Pete the Patriot, will be home to The Big Burger, a grilled all-American burger not available anywhere else on campus or in “The Burg.”

“When we looked at this restaurant concept, we wanted something that would stand out for our students and other guests,” said Dave Taylor, District Manager for Pioneer College Caterers, the University’s food service partner. “So, we focused on having a burger bigger than most burgers available. Everything is top quality, grilled, and prepared to order. We expect all of our guests to be happy with this new option.”

Taylor said the menu at Pete’s Eats is centered around the all-American classic cheeseburger and will feature four different burger options, including the cornerstone “Big Burger.” The menu will also feature grilled chicken sandwiches, a gourmet grilled cheese, quesadillas, baked potatoes, vegetarian options, side options, and more. 

The Pete’s Eats restaurant space had previously served the community with two other dining options, most recently the Patriot Steakhouse. The entire space has been remodeled to offer restaurant guests a modern but classic “diner” experience.

Emily Coleman, Vice-President for Student Services, said the location was decided upon to help better serve a growing student population, while also welcoming guests from the community. 

“Our goal on campus is to always put our students and our greater campus community first. We continually look for new ways to serve them, serve Williamsburg, and enhance the campus experience with positive surroundings every way we can,” Coleman said.

In 2018, University of the Cumberlands announced they were cutting tuition by 57 percent. This tuition reset, known as the Cumberlands Commitment, has resulted in tremendous growth in the on-campus student population, with nearly 900 new students expected on campus this fall.

Earlier this year, the decision was made to repurpose the lodging space at the Cumberland Inn for student housing. Pete’s Eats will be available to students and the public by accessing the building’s main entrance.

Pioneer College Caterers will operate Pete’s Eats and staff the new restaurant almost entirely with students, much like other dining options across campus. Cumberlands’ partnership with Pioneer College Caterers has also helped to bring Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks, and Tossed to the Williamsburg campus. All dining options, along with the buffet-style T.J. Roberts Dining Hall, are open to the public during normal business hours. Specific hours for each of these restaurants can be found here.

Students can use their dining card at Pete’s Eats as part of their standard meal plan. They can also purchase Patriot Bucks to have additional buying power at Pete’s Eats and all campus dining facilities.