For the second year in a row, University of the Cumberlands was ranked the top institution in Kentucky for empowering students in social mobility. In other words, when compared with other Kentucky colleges, Cumberlands is the best at giving students what they need to move up in the world socioeconomically.

“From our founding, Cumberlands has remained focused on providing young people with an education and training that prepares them for life after college,” said Dr. Larry L. Cockrum, university president. “Part of our mission is to make college more affordable. When a student graduates, it is our hope that they have the knowledge and training to earn a job that keeps them financially stable and that they don’t have to worry about a mountain of student loan debt.”

“Social mobility,” in essence, is the ability to move between socioeconomic groups – in this case, the ability to move from a lower group to a higher one because you’re bringing home more money. When you have higher earning potential, such as through higher education or specialized certifications, it allows you to be more "mobile” between socioeconomic groups. It’s for that reason that colleges are effectively avenues for social mobility. The benefit of a high social mobility can also last for generations.

In a recent ranking by U.S. News and World Report, University of the Cumberlands ranked No. 1 in Kentucky among all higher education institutions, with the runner-up Kentucky school placing more than 100 spots below UC nationally. Cumberlands ranked No. 2 in the Southeast for private universities and sixth nationally for Christian universities. It’s the second consecutive year for UC to rank the best among Kentucky schools for social mobility. To view the full rankings list, visit 

This social mobility ranking comes after the university made Money magazine’s list of best colleges in America, outranking the University of Kentucky and Bellarmine University, among other schools. Money ranked schools based on where college students’ “tuition (and time) is likely to pay off.”

Also in recent months, Cumberlands has made headlines for including free textbooks for its entire student body as part of tuition costs, no added fees. Additionally, the school was ranked among the best online nonprofit universities in the nation by EDsmart, ranking No.1 in Kentucy and No. 7 nationwide. Cumberlands was also ranked the most “transfer friendly” private school in Kentucky, based on CPE data.

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