More than 450 students from University of the Cumberlands volunteered at four different locations throughout Williamsburg in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The sites included Williamsburg Independent School District (WISD), Whitley County High School, Cedaridge Ministries and Mountain Outreach’s warehouse. 

Students came ready to serve, some arriving at WISD more than an hour early. These students donated their time by sanitizing desks and chairs. They also left letters of encouragement on desks and lockers.  

“The true nature of education is learning how to serve your fellow man,” says Dr. Amon Couch, Superintendent of WISD and a Cumberlands alumnus. “To be able to do that is to be able to understand you’re investing in the community. Cumberlands has always done that, been able to put feet and hands to work.” 

The men’s and women’s soccer teams volunteered at the Mountain Outreach (MO) warehouse in Emlyn, preparing the warehouse for MO’s annual Spring Break construction projects. Both Cumberlands’ men’s and women’s wrestling teams served at Whitley County High School. These students helped by cleaning the schools’ wrestling facilities. The football team went to Cedaridge Ministries to assist in their recycling services. 

“I was really excited to get to encourage the kids,” says Sarah Hunter, a junior at Cumberlands who served at WISD. “I love getting to serve and being able to do little things like this.”

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