University of the Cumberlands’ first-ever Give Day was a success.

Alumni and friends of the University generously donated $76,162 to the school as part of Cumberlands’ first-ever Give Day, held on April 4. In all, donors gave to 62 different campus programs.

“This ‘pilot’ was extremely successful and extremely encouraging,” said Andrew Wolfe, Director of Advancement Services. “We hoped everyone would be able to give to whatever program they wanted, and they definitely did.”

The money raised will help support scholarship funds, athletic teams, student clubs, academic departments, service and ministry programs, work-study positions and more.

“Funding from donors is paramount in ensuring that all our programs continue each year and provide help to the local community, as well as ample opportunities for our students to become the best young adults they can be,” said Bill Stohlmann, Director of Development at Cumberlands. “We are extremely thankful to everyone who participated in Give Day! It was a big success, and we can’t wait to see what next year brings.”

Give Day was a 24-hour online fundraiser with a goal to bring in at least 400 new donors. (It ultimately brought in 487.) Though the majority of donations stemmed from the Midwest, alumni and friends as far as Minnesota, Oregon, Florida and Massachusetts gave as well.

A few donors created “challenges” to help boost motivation for others to give. For instance, Wilton Aebersold – a long-time friend of Cumberlands Music – agreed to match each gift made to the Cumberlands Department of Music up to $10,000. Other challenges were posted for alumni to give to Cumberlands athletics or to set up recurring gifts of $4 each month.

Besides the benefit of seeing new donors get involved to help support the school’s programs, Give Day presented an opportunity for alumni to reconnect and reminisce.

“It was wonderful seeing everyone’s posts on social media about their time at Cumberlands and how it shaped them,” said Erica Harris, Executive Director of Alumni Services. “Reflecting on all the heart-warming memories I have of this place and hearing stories from other alumni was just a treat. I am deeply grateful to all the alumni who decided to give back to the school that has given us so much over the years.”

A date has not yet been set for next year’s Cumberlands Give Day. All who are interested in supporting any particular program at Cumberlands are free to do so throughout the year by visiting