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Not only do students at University of the Cumberlands have a lower tuition than most other universities in Kentucky, they also don’t have to pay for textbooks.

It’s true – all students, on-campus and online, undergraduate and graduate, now receive free textbooks at the start of every semester at Cumberlands. This textbook program is part of the university’s One Price Promise, in which all students are given everything they need to succeed at college.

“One of the primary goals of the university is to make college affordable for as many students as we can,” said Dr. Quentin Young, executive vice president for finance at Cumberlands. “This program takes a financial burden away from students and allows them to focus intently on their coursework from day one.”

Dr. Young said the university continues to partner with Barnes and Noble College to manage the textbook program for students. The program was first introduced to on-campus students in 2019 but has now been expanded to every student.

The One Price Promise Textbook Program’s three-step process simplifies things for students. They don’t have to set aside time weeks before classes to copy and paste ISBN numbers into multiple websites to compare prices, choose the cheapest option, order the books, track multiple emails from the companies, and hope their books arrive before their classes start.

Now, Cumberlands students simply register for classes, verify their order of textbooks (which the campus bookstore prepares for them), and receive their books – either electronically through iLearn/Blackboard or in person at the campus bookstore. All textbooks are ready and waiting for students on or before the first day of classes.

“We are proud to be able to partner with University of the Cumberlands and expand this textbook program offering to all students,” said Diane Cunningham, Barnes and Noble general manager. “We have a great team in place on campus that is working as we speak to get everything ready for that first day of class.”

Beginning August 1, Barnes and Noble College will be sending out emails and other communications to enrolled students to help guide them through the process in advance of classes starting this fall. The first series of emails will focus on approving textbook selections and choosing how those books are to be delivered to the student. Subsequent emails will further guide students through the process and offer reminders. If students change or add courses, they will receive a notification about the change and how to manage receipt of their textbooks for those classes.

There is no fee to enroll in the textbook program and no hard-to-find webpage to sign up. All students are automatically enrolled in the program upon enrolling into the university. Because the course materials are rentals, at the end of the term, students receive emails reminding them to return necessary items to the bookstore; however, all students have the option to purchase whatever they would like to keep – and at a reduced rate. In addition, the program doesn’t only include textbooks. Some courses require lab manuals, access codes, and digital materials, which are all provided as well. To find out more about what the program includes, visit

University of the Cumberlands’ One Price Promise means that students have a clear and simple price they pay for their education with no unexplained fees and no fine print. Really, everything a student needs to succeed is included in their tuition under the One Price Promise. Learn more at