University of the Cumberlands is offering a new Patriot Success Cohort (PSC) program to provide extra support to new students as they transition into college life.

Cumberlands has long had resources in place to assist students in being successful in college. The Patriot Success Cohort program was organized to further help students who were struggling with changes in the learning environment due to COVID. Now, as high schools look to offer students a “repeat year” due to COVID, Cumberlands has turned the focus of the PSC program to high school students, assuring parents they can let their students transition to college successfully.  

“The transition from high school can be challenging, especially after a year in which students’ education looked so different than normal,” said Dr. Emily Coleman, provost at Cumberlands. “One of the key changes in college is that students need to initiate services and be their own advocates. The PSC program will assist students who aren’t practiced at this to become more self-aware and independent.”

Dr. Coleman added that nearly half of Cumberlands students are from Kentucky. Around 40 percent of the student body are first-generation college students. The university is very adapted to working closely with students to provide a support framework those students need, she says.

“The message here is very simple,” Dr. Coleman said. “Your student doesn’t have to wait on college. We are here to make sure every high school graduate that comes to us will be a college graduate.” 

The PSC program is for students who need additional academic support at the beginning of their college journey. Students who sign up for the cohort will be enrolled in tailored preparatory courses that build reading, writing, study, and math skills to boost their college success, and they will have the opportunity to meet with a student success coordinator on a bi-weekly basis. The meetings will help Cumberlands staff learn more about the student’s strengths and challenge areas and their past experience so that staff can better identify which resources will be most helpful for each individual student.

Brandy Martin, director of main campus undergraduate admissions at the university, said, “We are so excited for the new students coming to campus this fall! Our goal is that the PSC program would help them familiarize themselves with Cumberlands’ resources and acclimate to life at college. Whatever questions students have, Admissions will ensure they get connected with their student success coordinator for the answers they need.”

To sign up for the PSC program, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by calling (606) 539-4240 or emailing Brandy Martin at brandy.martin [at] (brandy[dot]martin[at]ucumberlands[dot]edu)