University of the Cumberlands recently welcomed Dr. Scott Pace, Dean of the College at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, to speak at Spring Renewal, a three-night spiritual revival event with worship music and sermons. Spring Renewal was open to all students, faculty, and community members. 

Dr. Chad Everhart, chair of the Department of Missions and Ministries, was thrilled to host Dr. Pace. When chapel wasn’t in session, Pace took the opportunity to get to know the campus community through speaking in religion classes, eating lunch with students, and meeting with faculty and staff.

Everhart said, “Dr. Pace is an outstanding preacher who not only knows how to engage young adults but also handles the Word of God with great care. Numerous students have commented on how powerful and edifying the preaching has been. We had a great turnout, and the campus truly feels spiritually renewed as a result. My hope is that we keep the momentum up in order to have a strong finish to the semester.”

Pace said, “My prayer for the week was that the Lord would use the messages to draw students into a deeper relationship with Christ by challenging them to grow in His grace. God continues to teach me that our hearts need constant renewal, but He also continues reminding me that His grace through Christ is always available. Too many times, it’s easy to grow complacent in our faith and our walk with Christ. My prayer is that students will not be satisfied with ‘going through the motions,’ but that they will embrace Christ’s call to fully surrender to His will for their lives, pursue Him as their greatest treasure, and live on mission for His glory!”

Pace has served as the Dean of the College at Southeast Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, for three years. His ministry has extended for more than twenty years through pastoral leadership and other capacities. His greatest passion is his family; he has been happily married for more than twenty years and is the father of four children.

In his sermons, Pace encouraged students to surrender their hearts to Jesus Christ and get to know Christ through a personal relationship with Him. Luke 19:10 states that Jesus “came to seek and save the lost.” Pace explained what this passage means: that all of mankind is lost in sin, but Jesus Christ came to save mankind from our sins, and He wants to have a relationship with us.

Caitlyn Howell, associate campus minister, is a former student who now serves in a leadership position in the Office of Campus Ministries. Throughout her six years at Cumberlands, she has seen many revival services; nevertheless, this year was a powerful three-day series that encouraged students to come to know Christ on a personal level. 

Howell said, “One thing that stands out to me about this Spring Renewal is Dr. Pace’s heart for college students. In both personal conversation and in his sermons, it is evident he was called to serve in collegiate student ministry. Spring Renewal has changed some over the years, but the passion and purpose has remained the same: to declare to message of the Gospel to our campus.” 

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