Christmas came early for Mountain Outreach (MO), a ministry outreach program hosted by University of the Cumberlands.

W.D. Bryant, a local building supplies and hardware store, recently donated a number of drill bits and saw blades to MO, with the donation totalling a value of $1,245. The store had received an extra shipment of the tools and immediately felt led to give them to a good cause.

Rocky Brown, Director of MO, expressed deep gratitude for the donation.

“One of the Hebrew names of God is Jehovah Jireh. It means ‘the Lord who provides,’ and He most certainly has provided for Mountain Outreach abundantly this year,” said Brown. “We are thankful to the Lord Jesus for not only the donation from Bryant’s, but for all of our donor and all the donations. No matter how large or how small the gift, every single penny helps enable our staff and students to go out and help our community.”

According to Lee Bryant, president of W.D. Bryant, Cumberlands has partnered with the store since W.D. Bryant began in 1928. Approximately 95 percent of MO’s building materials and equipment are purchased from the store.

“The University has been a great customer, friend, and partner with W.D. Bryant for many years. Any chance we get, we want to give back,” said Bryant.

Bryant says the tools donated, which are Milwaukee brand, are “above average, really good quality” tools which should last MO a long time. He is pleased to know that MO will use the equipment to benefit others in the community through their construction projects.

“The work Mountain Outreach does is fantastic,” Bryant said. “It’s been unbelievable to see throughout the years – and not only the new homes but also the projects throughout the year you don’t often hear about. They’re getting students involved in the community and showing compassion. Any way W.D. Bryant can help serve the community and be part of work like that, we’re happy to help.”