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University of the Cumberlands students sitting at a fountain on campus talking and laughing.

At the University of the Cumberlands the safety and security of our students and staff is of the utmost importance.  The University has developed policies and procedures to help provide a safe environment for both students and employees.  

Campus Safety And Security

The Department of Safety and Security operates out of the Bock Information Dispatch Center, which maintains 24 hour coverage of the University’s switchboard and the Campus Emergency number, 4444. Several University buildings are monitored by security cameras. The University also has an emergency notification system to alert students of any imminent danger or situation. Additionally, the University has partnered with the Williamsburg Police Department to have an officer assigned to campus at all times. A WPD officer is responsible for patrolling campus 24-7.  

Residence Hall Safety And Security

The Residence Halls are locked at all times.  Students can gain access to the residence halls via their student ID.  Fire drills are conducted each semester for all residence halls and severe weather instructions are posted in each hall. All residence halls are monitored by security cameras.

Training And Information Seminars

Student Services coordinates several seminars annually, including Sexual Assault and Dating Violence Prevention, Alcohol Abuse Prevention, etc. While these seminars are open for all students to attend, they are required of all entering freshmen enrolled in the freshmen orientation program, . In addition, any student who violates the University alcohol policy must complete an online alcohol education seminar.

Safety/Security Suggestions

Safety/Security on campus requires active support of the University community. Students should assume responsibility for their safety and security of their property by following the simple suggestions listed below:

  • Keep room doors and windows locked
  • Keep vehicle doors locked at all times
  • Protect valuables
  • Identify valuable property by keeping a list of serial numbers
  • Avoid walking alone
  • If you need help, draw attention to yourself
  • Shouting for help is the first line of defense
  • Let someone know your plans
  • Ask yourself if you would be an easy target; if so, change your behavior
  • Walk confidently- be aware of your surroundings
  • Avoid shortcuts
  • Report unusual situations to the Safety/Security Staff or Student Services

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency Calls 911
Safety/Security Office Ext. 4444
Bock Building (non-emergency) Ext. 4000
Physical Plant Ext. 4406
Student Services Ext. 4230
Dr. Jamirae Holbrook Ext. 4120
Mr. Travis Wilson Ext. 4236
Williamsburg Police Department (Non-emergency) 606-549-6038
Whitley County Sheriff's Office (Non-emergency) 606-549-6006
Williamsburg Fire Department (Non-emergency) 606-549-6037
Williamsburg Rescue Squad 606-549-6069
Residence Hall Offices:  
Archer  Ext. 5400
Asher  Ext. 5676
Cook Ext. 5258
Gillespie Ext. 5500
Harth Ext. 5000
Hutton Ext. 5600
Kleist Ext. 5700
Mahan Ext. 5320
Roburn Ext. 5160
Robinson-Cook Ext. 5258
Siler Ext. 5100