Memorial Day

In observance of the Memorial Day holiday, campus offices will be closed on Friday, May 24, and Monday, May 27.

Since the revival at Asbury University began, there has been a feeling of extra anticipation within the campus ministries happening on University of the Cumberlands’ campus. The university’s Spring Renewal services echoed that feeling as the campus community came together in worship and teaching.

This year’s Spring Renewal featured Christian hip-hop artist and author Shai Linne as the keynote speaker. Linne spoke on the kingdom of heaven as well as evangelism. To view recordings of Spring Renewal, visit the Campus Ministries Facebook page at

Devon Goings, director of the Department of Diversity and Inclusion, who attended Spring Renewal and had helped organize Linne’s visit, said, “His sermon the first night was on Matthew 13, talking about how the Kingdom of Heaven is more valuable than literally anything. The next night was on Acts 4 and how to proclaim the Gospel in a bold, spirit-filled way, and how the Holy Spirit helps us do that. I hope students were encouraged and realized that God’s Kingdom really is better than anything, that nothing can compare with it. No matter what we may have to give up in life, gaining Christ is worth it. What’s dying to self and living in righteousness compared to getting Christ? It's nothing. There is no comparison. That’s something I hope our students wrestle with and fully grasp.”

In addition to speaking at the worship services in the evenings, Linne also met with members of the campus community to discuss the message of his book, The New Reformation: Finding Hope in the Fight for Ethnic Unity, which members of the Cumberlands community recently began reading as part of the university’s new Diversity Reading Initiative. (The Department will facilitate another discussion of the book at the conclusion of the spring semester.) The final night he was on campus, Linne performed a Christian hip-hop concert.

“The concert was awesome,” said Goings. “It’s cool to see the truth of God’s word being communicated and the Lord Jesus Christ being magnified through the medium of hip-hop. It was great to see that. Some may assume that all hip-hop culture is bad and not God-honoring, but the Gospel is present in hip-hop music like Shai Linne’s. I think he brought helpful perspective on worship and how it doesn’t have to sound one specific way. His lyrics brought really robust theology to our students through a genre of music that some of them are less familiar with. It was great to experience that.”

Cumberlands’ Office of Campus Ministries hosts weekly chapel services on Fridays at 10am in Gatliff Chapel. All are welcome to attend.

For all members of the Cumberlands campus community who want to participate in the new Diversity Reading Initiative, Shai Linne’s book is still available through the Department of Diversity and Inclusion. Contact Goings at devon.goings [at] (devon[dot]goings[at]ucumberlands[dot]edu) for more details.